Market menu

Prices include VAT and the menus are per person.



Pirinean trout, liquid salad, codium

Pig trotters ravioli, smoked Jerusalem artichoked, egg yolk

Artichoke, flounder, sesame, sweet potatoe

Fish of the day, celery, fava beans

Lamb shoulder, glazed chives, spinach

Yogurt, grapefruit, sumac

Chocolate, chesnuts, sheep milk ice cream

Petits fours


Tasting menu

Prices include VAT and the menus are per person.



Oyster, parsnip, marine romescu

Ox tartar, egg yolk, carmelized onion ice cream


Spring onions,  Begi Haundi

Scallops, pork jowl, spicy peanut

Glazed Sweetbread, yuca, Idiazabal

Fish of the day, seaweed emulsion, molluscs

Pigeon from Bresse, pack-Choi, hazelnut-PX

Yogurt, grapefruit, sumac

Tonka Bean, mango, vanilla

White chocolate, basil, pistachio

Petits fours


Both menus will be served as a full table service and do not include drinks or coffee. We do not adapt our dishes to people with allergies or severe intolerances. We do not do vegetarian or vegan menus.

Due to the development of our menus the Tasting Menu will be just served till 14:15 h. and till 21:15 h.

Our Cuisine

Our cuisine is deeply inspired by our roots, where the freshest and highest quality product is always the protagonist. Committed with our environment, we work closely with local products and producers ensuring the best raw materials and obtaining its best expression and the best of each season.

Enjoy the tradition and the vanguard