A little piece of Donosti in the Sea of Japan

Rías by Kokotxa is Dani López’s new project in the Mediterranean Village Hotel in Mie´s prefecture, Japan. With a strong commitment for the local product, Km O philosophy and Kokotxa´s style the concept in this new space is to reproduce our cuisine: with new exclusive creations understanding the local product of the area and allowing in the Japanese flavors.

“The concept of this new space is simple and has a hook: to reproduce Kokotxa’s cuisine with new exclusive creations, maintaining the philosophy of km 0 and the commitment to local products of Dani. That is why most of the raw materials are purchased in the vicinity of the hotel, allowing to include the Japanese palette of flavors and make nods to the Japanese cuisine in a letter based on Basque cuisine “.

– Diario Vasco

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2619 Hamajimacho Hazako, Shima, Mie 517-0403, Japón

Telephone: 0599-52-1336

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